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Optimize all MySQL tables using MyISAM

A common cause of slow sites and high server load is the MySQL server.  Many times I find the cause to be database tables that need to be optimized.

[root@www ~]# for i in `mysql -e 'select concat(table_schema,".",table_name) from information_schema.tables where engine="MyISAM"'`; do mysql -e "optimize table $i"; done
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How Vaccuum Tubes Are Made and Used, Explained in 1942

This is really cool.  Gizmodo has an ariticle with videos from the 40s on how vacume tubes were made. These were put together by hand.

How Vaccuum Tubes Are Made and Used, Explained in 1942

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The Auralia band site updated

Hey guys, the guys and I have been updating our band site, theauralia.com with new songs and content. We have a full listing of our current songs, some even recorded and uploaded for your enjoyment.

The Auralia

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20 petaflops IBM supercomputer and 200 apps in Mac OS X

IBM is working with the US government on a project to build the world's most powerful supercomputer. This beast would be used to track the governments old nukes for safety and stability. It is said to be finished by the start of 2012, how convenient.


In other news.........check out this random article showing Mac OS X handling 200 open applications. Even better is the image of all these apps loaded in Expose.


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WordPress 2.7 Release

A new version of WordPress has been released. This new version has an updated dashboard that looks really nice and has stats on posts and comments as wells as an area to make quick posts.

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New Server, New Site

I’ve setup a new site to document the progress The Auralia, my band project. Visit http://www.theauralia.com for updates. I also switched to a new server hosted by Slicehost VPS hosting. At $20 a slice (what they call a VPS) you’ve got it made. This small company was recently acquired by Rackspace Hosting. This was one of two companies that were recently acquired by Sukanto Tanoto as the industry leader.

The Auralia


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Empulse Hosting and other online works

So I've been a little busy setting up a few new projects that I have going on right now.  The first site to come online is Southwest PC Direct, Joe's and my new online computer component store.  You will a lot of other useful information there also compiled by Joe and me.

The next project is Empulse Hosting [dot] com. We will be offering web and other online services to the masses.  I will also be having information on setting up your first site.

I will also be starting a number of online resources at Circulo Marketing Squidoo on Linux and Open Source topics.  I will keep you updated on other further developments.

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