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Minority Report and the Data Center of your Dreams

So, two interesting items came my way today while at work. Both are out of this world, but this first is straight from the movies. If you remember the computer environment from that movie then this link needs no introduction. Check out oblong.com for more information on this g-speak spatial operating environment.

The next article is about an underground data center housed in an old nuclear bunker. Check out the article on pingdom.com. This location even has old German submarine engines to provide backup power.

Data Center

Data Center



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Hurley update

So our little guy Hurley has been doing very well. Mal and I try to spend as much time as possible with him and he always has so much energy. He's going on 5 months and is about to have his last round of puppy shots. Mal has even taught him to sit and laydown and it's fun to watch him going crazy and then instantly sit on command.

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iPhone 3G

So I finally got the iPhone 3G. I really needed a phone after I dropped my Blackjack into the pool. It's really nice, I'm actually writing this post using a WordPress app from the new App Store.

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Hurley’s Madness!

So my longtime girlfriend and I recently had our first kid, well sorta. His name is Hurley and he is a tiny poodle. I've never had a dog and have always hated poodles, but this little guys is actually pretty cool. He loves his kibbles.

Hurley want's bacon!

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New articles released!

Hey guys check out these first revisions of these articles on BackTrack linux. I will be revising them over the next few weeks as wells as adding more stuff.





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