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New articles released!

Hey guys check out these first revisions of these articles on BackTrack linux. I will be revising them over the next few weeks as wells as adding more stuff.





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Empulse Hosting and other online works

So I've been a little busy setting up a few new projects that I have going on right now.  The first site to come online is Southwest PC Direct, Joe's and my new online computer component store.  You will a lot of other useful information there also compiled by Joe and me.

The next project is Empulse Hosting [dot] com. We will be offering web and other online services to the masses.  I will also be having information on setting up your first site.

I will also be starting a number of online resources at Circulo Marketing Squidoo on Linux and Open Source topics.  I will keep you updated on other further developments.


RPM Database Corruption

So I recently came across a situation where rpm would just hang or give out transaction errors. It turns out that the database cache files became corrupt. Here is an example of one of the errors:

warning: waiting for transaction lock on /var/lock/rpm/transaction

# cd /var/lib/rpm

Look for the files that start with double underscores "__". These are the cache files, and you will want to delete all of them.

# rpm __*

# rpm --rebuilddb

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