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More Tech Notes

I just created linux.empulsegroup.com to place my Voodoo pad notes. I touch on the various Linux topics that I see on a day to day basis. This includes Apache, MySQL, mail services, and my notes to study for the RHCE exam which I recently received.



New Server, New Site

I’ve setup a new site to document the progress The Auralia, my band project. Visit http://www.theauralia.com for updates. I also switched to a new server hosted by Slicehost VPS hosting. At $20 a slice (what they call a VPS) you’ve got it made. This small company was recently acquired by Rackspace Hosting. This was one of two companies that were recently acquired by Sukanto Tanoto as the industry leader.

The Auralia


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Hurley update

So our little guy Hurley has been doing very well. Mal and I try to spend as much time as possible with him and he always has so much energy. He's going on 5 months and is about to have his last round of puppy shots. Mal has even taught him to sit and laydown and it's fun to watch him going crazy and then instantly sit on command.

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iPhone jailbreak

So I finally hacked my iPhone 3G using the jailbreak method. I will be presenting the various new features that just take this device from a multimedia device to a powerful computer with unlimited possibilities.


Cool themes
New apps not being accepted by the AppStore including tethering
Can run apps in the background, great for constant connection with those IM apps
Terminal access to the iPhone core system
The whole process is reversable

Here are a few pics of how I have and had my iPhone. There are so many themes that I change them regularly.

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