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Hello, my name is Eric Hernandez. I am from the small town of Devine, Texas.  I have many different interests from playing guitar in my band The Auralia to Linux Systems and Security, most of which you will be able to find throughout this site.

During high school I worked at the local Dial Up Internet Service Provider S&L Internet.  I did support and web design and really enjoyed the taste of the field.  After graduating in 2002 I went to The University of Texas at Austin, Texas to study Computer Science. After quickly finding out how the slow the curriculum was I swayed through a few different majors before deciding to leave The University to move to San Antonio, TX.  I finally followed my passion of music at Northwest Vista College and quick earned an Associate Degree.  While at Vista I was fortunate to take the Cisco courses to earn my CCNA Certification.  Those classes were a lot of fun with all the hand on training.

After graduation from Northwest Vista College I quickly found a job at a small IT company in San Antonio, TX.  Southwest Business Solutions provided a wide range of IT solutions with a can do anything attitude.  I really learned to think on my feet and the importance of knowing how to improvise in a tight situation.  I had been tinkering with Linux since I was in High School and even had a job at UT in a science lab as a Linux Systems and Network Administrator.  This job offered me the ability to work on and get to know servers in a whole new setting.

The top tech company in my city is and has been Rackspace Hosting.  S&L Internet, the company I worked for in high school, had most of their servers hosted with early Rackspace.  Needless to say I have been wanting to work here for a while.  Along with the desire to work with Linux the stories I heard of how fun this tech company was were the things of legends.

Now, I am a Linux System Administrator at Rackspace Hosting, the leader in online hosting.  I love my job and the company is great to work for.  I have continued my music projects with what is now called The Auralia (www.theauralia.com / myspace.com/theauralia).

Thank you for reading.
Eric Hernandez

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